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Patanjali Peedantak Pain Reliever Ointment is an herbal formulation which gives instant pain relief. The ointment is purely organic and causes no side effects. Massaging the ointment at the affected areas increases blood circulation and warmth and relieve from the pain.


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Patanjali Special Chyawanprash with Amla (Indian Gooseberry), a powerful antioxidant and rich source of Vitamin C as its main ingredient. It is commonly referred to as the “elixir of life” because of the numerous and high nutrition qualities it provides the human body. It is beneficial and can be consumed by all ages. Daily Health Supplement. Supports respiratory system. Boosts Immune System. Purifies & Eliminates Toxins. Increases Energy & Vitality. Anti-Ageing Tonic.


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Patanjali Amla Juice is removed from unadulterated Indian Gooseberry having light dark colored shaded fluid with suspended particles. Amla juice contains Vitamin C that is multiple times more than in squeezed orange and It has harsh and astringent taste with trademark scent of Amla. Residue may occour on account of fiber bit and substantial particles of organic product juice which is independent down to the base because of high measure of normal dynamic segment of Amla as galic corrosive and elaigic acid.Patanjali Amla Juice is quality tried and examine based item free from any additional engineered shading, season and thickner.


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Patanjali Aloevera Juice contains pulp extract from green juicy leaf which is rich in natural nutrients and fiber with great medicinal value. It is colourless to pale yellow liquid with suspended fibers and have blend, slight astringent, bitter taste with characteristic acidic odour. It provides complete nourishment to the body. The juice comes loaded with a bevy of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for our body.


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Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice Orange is a very high quality concentrate of aloe vera and orange. Aloe vera juice isis well known for its healing and soothing qualities. The juice keeps up a spotless and solid stomach related framework. It is high successful against stomach issue. It has a calming and mending impact on ulcers, irritation, causticity, stomach uneasiness, etc.Enhance Jivni shakti. Additionally valuable in clogging and skin infections. Measurements: 15 to 25 ml twice every day with equivalent amount of water.


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Patanjali Badam Pak


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Patanjali Amla Murabba


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Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub is defined with the integrity of the Ayurveda items to mend you from muscles strains and joint agonies. Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub adequately takes a shot at spinal pains, solid and joint torments. Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub contains castor, red pepper, and lance mints. These fixings help in relieving swelling, sprains, and aggravation of muscles and joints. You need to knead Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub tenderly on the territories where you feel agony to get great outcomes. Try not to rub it brutally. On the off chance that you can have a concurrent heated water fomentation, Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub will give remarkable outcomes. Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub is normally useful in restoring sprains, muscle pulls, joint irritations, joint torments, muscle aggravations and minor wounds. Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub is accessible in a 20 g tube. Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub is the most imperative item one may put in his emergency treatment unit to maintain a strategic distance from minor wounds happening because of minor mishaps. Utilize Himalaya Muscle and Joint Rub adequately to fix torments just on outer parts of the body. Try not to use for inside torments.


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  1. Himalaya Antiseptic Cream is an excellent treatment for cuts, wounds, burns, rashes, sores and fungal skin infections, which contains Aloe Vera, Almond, Indian Madder and other natural ingredients.
  2. Apply cream on affected area two to three times daily.


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