MTR Dosa (200gm)

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Dosas, a crispy savory pancakes from Southern India, are a staple food in their region. Dosas are very popular not only in south India, but also in all over India.Dosas are a thin crepe like pancake which is made from the blends of Rice Flour , urad dal and cream of wheat.Dosas are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. It is also healthy and suitable diet for vegetariansEnjoy a healthy breakfast in a less time since MTR Dosa Breakfast Mix is ready for you to serve a delightful, crispy dosas. MTR Dosa Breakfast Mix contains the ingredients of rice, black gram dal, maida, beaten rice, edible vegetable oil, salt, sodium bicarbonate, malic acid and feenugreek which plays a great contribution in making MTR Mix Dosas more delectable.